The people left their land & began a journey that would populate the world.


Africa is where the human race as we know it first existed. The separate “races” all began as Africans. It’s a scientific fact.

The great human migration populated the world. Our ancestors’ courage was remarkable, the journeys long and challenging. Their travels brought them to strange and unexplored lands far different than their own.

Different seasonal weather. Different agricultural climates. Unfamiliar natural resources. Some put down roots, made new homes. The body began to adapt to the conditions of their new environment.

MIgration Map

Pigmentation evolved to control exposure to ultraviolet radiation.  Areas with higher amounts of UVR (near the equator) have darker-skinned populations. The farther away from the tropics, lower UVR results in lighter skin. 

Over the course of 50,000 years, people adapted to their environment and intermingled sexually changing the characteristics associated with their origins.

What started as one human race, became a species defined by differences in color.

How many people are there?  


The question isn’t who am I – it’s who are we? As a people, who are we?

The longer history we allow our history to be rewritten, the harder it becomes for us to know.



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The human race has a shared ancestry. But not shared equality.


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