Glossary of Terms

The words we use matter

Racism is conceptual for people who don’t experience it. They might know it exists but we can only imagine its impact.

Language has purpose. How we speak, how others speak shows intent. Racism impedes our ability to reach a  common good.

Some people embrace racism by choice. Until they are willing to consider a different world view, we can’t do much for them.

But the rest of us can learn to care for each other.

My Pledge

  • I will not look away because racism doesn’t affect me.
  • I will not tolerate racist language or “jokes” in my presence
  • I will confront it calmly when I hear it.
  • I will be careful not to escalate situations or put others at risk.
  • I will record any instances of racism and injustice that I witness.
  • I will not pretend I have the answers. 
  • I will be capable of listening.
  • I will work for the development of a common good.

Glossary of Terms