The History of Humanity is being Rewritten

A faulty premise

In modern society, race is a social construct to imply inferirotity. Variations in skin color, hair type, and other physical features are a normal part of adaptations of any group, in any given habitat. Evolution, adapting to differing environments, and accidental, non-functional changes in genetic code helped humans survive.

In 2003, the Human Genome Project confirmed that 99% of human beings are genetically identical. This alone has disproven any scientific notion that skin color indicates superiority.

But superiority is not about science. It is about power and influence, even the perception of them drives those who have neither. From the Dred Scott ruling in 1857 to Governor Desantis rewriting Florida’s Black History curriculum, southern states lead the efforts to hide non-white experiences and accomplishments.

Our history, the practical, fundamental knowledge of our shared humanity is being rewritten. The result is a toxic and divisive climate driven by a false premise – white supremacy.

The Orisha Project is the umbrella organization for two initiatives. Our mission is to protect the shared history of humans thru education and immersive experience.

The truth of us is that the first humans began life in Africa.


Two initiatives to chronicle the human experience

e-Learning + VIRTUAL rEALITY

Basic Black Academy  +  Bones of the Mother

 basic black eLearning academy
bones of the mother - video game
black man with face markings

eLearning: Basic Black Academy

Concise modular classes combined into sprints. Designed to provoke thought, discussion, and purpose.

The curriculum at Basic Black is our true history.

The Before February series chronicles the culture and innovation of African people. Language, art, food, religion – great cities and great battles.  It is the truth of where black history actually begins.

The Future Past series looks at ancient discoveries with the fresh eyes of modern science. The courses include genomics, population migration, tribalism and climate.

The Modern History series follows the migration of the people. The change in environment brings change to skin color and features. The disruption of shared experience begins. The history of explorers, innovators and educators is dominated by slavery and the violence that follows.

The True Dat series is advocacy with attitude. Chefs, musicians, writers, artists, teachers, scientists, and innovators put their best call-to-action on the table. Each class is a how-to for implementing their idea.


avatar for bones of the mother

Video Game: Bones of the Mother

Multiplayer online game of history, heritage, time travel, and magic.

Bones of the Mother: role play collides with reality.

Truth is based in individual experience. When experiences diverge, a shared truth is disrupted. A journey through history is the solution.

Bones of the Mother is an immersive, multiplayer online game. Users choose between three roles: Warriors, Makers, and Seekers. Players form tribes to combine their powers and pursue quests. 

Warriors are the soldiers and the dissenters. Makers are the builders, architects and artists. Seekers are the witches and priests – direct descendents of the Mother. 

There are directions but in the ancient tongues. There are maps but they have been cursed. There are armies but they must be freed.  Signposts point the journey, but not all can be trusted.

Each role has unique powers. Unlock the secrets and travel through time.  Experience the unknown of history and heritage, with magicks  and time travel along the way,



We are a small startup organization in Fayetteville, N.C.

Our mission is to reawaken the memory of our common origins and remove the misconceptions that divide us.

We use education and an immersive gaming experience to establish a understanding of a common good for all.



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